Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You're Going to Do WHAT?!

Hmmmm... Maybe I should blog something. Since sh*%'s about to get interesting!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bird

Well. I did it! I completed my first road half marathon on Saturday at Akron. All I can say is, it was really fun! I never once felt awful, like I was going to die, like why am I doing this to myself?! I guess maybe I should have run faster....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Furry Toes and Benadryl

Ryan seems to be feeling better today and I actually slept through the whole night, just to wake up with him curled against my back. It was kind of nice to have someone next to me this morning since my husband is gone for work. Although now that I think about it, my bed really never gets too lonely. There's always at least one cat and of course the dog. Not that her little ten pounds does much but keep my feet warm. And the cats are mad at me right now b/c I forgot to buy them food in my rush through the Giant Eagle last night. (Had to stop for Ryan's meds.)
So anyway, since I'm thinking about the Giant Eagle (and how the Rootstown one needs to get their crap together), I've been dabbling in slashing our grocery bills. Actually. It's kind of become an obsession. A little all-consuming. I've never been very good at moderation. And now it's kind of justified because I am saving a ton of $. I think. Well, I hope.
But I read on another blog about Walgreen's ... buy 2 Children's Benadryl at $4.99 each and get a $5 register receipt. Oh yeah? Now THAT's something we could use. So, I pulled out my 2 Benadryl coopins (yes, that's how I spell it) so I could save $2 more and set off to find the Walgreen's supposedly right around the corner from work. Yeah. I might have locked the doors a little too obviously when I passed "FelonsForHire." And damn Akron and their stupid one-way streets. But, I did finally find the Walgreens. And got my 2 bottles of Benadryl and used the $5 to buy some cat food. Not quite sure if it was in fact a deal or not considering I missed my lunch run, drove around aimlessly for 20 minutes and risked life and limb. At least I remembered the cat food. It's supposed to be kind of cool tonight.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Chainsaws and Sleep Deprivation

So I'm sitting here contemplating and trying to type but my hands are apparently too lazy to move far enough to reach all the right keys. I spent most of the night sitting up with Ryan. Listening to his chest whistle as he slept. You'd think after two years, I'd relax knowing he will come in and wake me if it gets too bad. Somehow he makes it through.
So weird - allergic to all the things that I love and feel like home to me. Horses, autumn leaves, dust, hay... oh and uh, peanut butter! How did I even birth this child?! I still think it'd make a great genetics study.
And speaking of studying. I really need to get my crap together. I'm 0 for 3 on my classes this semester. First I missed the first online classes b/c I forgot. Then I forgot about my online exams and squeezed one in in a hurry only to bomb it big time. The other one I completely missed. We'll see if the instructor will have pity on me and repost it. Maybe. Not that I deserve it. I just totally dropped the ball.
I think I need a minute to refocus. I get so caught up in the tasks I have to perform everyday that I never step out of the routine. I can feel that I'm becoming really inefficient. But, I haven't had time to look at where I'm screwing up.
Maybe I'll think about that while I'm rockin' out on the elliptical at lunch. Maybe I can syphon some energy from the gym.
See even my post is scatter-brained! Soooo... I'm thinkin' I probably shouldn't use that chainsaw to cut down all the trees like Ryan suggested this morning.